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For every question you have about USA800, there’s an answer. We’ve compiled the questions we frequently hear into five categories. You can click directly to the category to view the questions and the answers.

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What is the capacity of your call centers … how large are you?

USA800 has been awarded Customer Interaction Magazine’s TOP 50 INBOUND CALL CENTER award for the last ten years which is based on total inbound minutes. USA800’s contact centers are capable of processing over 100,000 calls in one day.

Where are your call centers located?

Our call centers are located in Kansas City, Missouri; Halstead, Kansas; and St. Joseph, Missouri.

How many years have you been in business?

USA800 has been providing inbound call center services since 1976. In 1996, USA800 transferred ownership to employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan and now is the nation’s largest 100% employee-owned call center services provider.

Do you provide 24x7x365 service?

Yes. USA800 has been providing 24/7 call center service since 1976.

How do you price your services?

Generally speaking, USA800 has three components to its fees. A set up fee, call charges (per minute or per agent per hour), and back-end technology costs if applicable. USA800 does not provide firm pricing until a detailed scope of work is understood and a sound solution outlined.

What differentiates you from your competition?

USA800 is the nation’s largest 100% employee-owned call center services provider. USA800 takes commitment to program success to a different level. From employee ownership, to innovative staffing and technological solutions, to a performance management culture, we deliver bottom line results for our partners with a unique emphasis on the customer experience.

When you say that you are employee-owned…are the customer advocates in your call centers who are answering my calls part of that ownership group?

Agents on the phone are part of the ownership group of USA800.  Minimum requirements for ownership include one year of employment and full time status, which are the same requirements as apply to the management team.

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What is your business mix of inbound call center services versus outbound call center services?

85% Inbound/8% Outbound/7% Web chat services and back office support services. 

Do you provide after hours call center services, overflow, and disaster recovery support for in-house call centers?

Yes. USA800 provides after hours, overflow, and disaster recovery contact center services for many catalog/retailconsumer products, and utility companies.

Do you handle direct response television spots?

USA800 has been handling direct response calls for the past 15 years. Over the past five years, direct response partners have accounted for a significant portion of USA800's growth with a strong emphasis on soft sales skills.

Can USA800 perform real-time credit card processing?

Yes. USA800 can provide real time credit card processing. USA800 requires that its partner have their own merchant account and clearinghouse relationship.  Also, USA800 is PCI compliant.

Do you provide call recording services?

Yes. USA800 is capable of recording calls at client request through a Total Quality Management System. USA800 partners have the ability to listen securely to calls taken on their behalf.

Do you provide chat and/or e-mail management services?

Yes. USA800 provides both of these services on behalf of its clients.

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What is your estimated rep turnover?

Our turnover rate has been below 30% annually over the last five years.

What is your full time/part time mix?

75% Full Time / 25% Part Time

What is your ratio of customer advocates to supervisors?

12 to 1

How do you compensate your customer advocates?

  • Competitive Hourly Rate
  • Monthly Incentive (Up to $ 1.05 per hour based on quality and attendance)
  • ESOP (Company stock)
  • 401k with 100% match
  • Paid Health Insurance
  • Paid vacation/sick time

What systems do your customer advocates interface with?

USA800 agents are equipped with Dell Workstations with flat panel screens (17” – 22”). All workstations are equipped with Windows XP and have Internet access.

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What telephony solutions do you employ?

USA800 Contact Centers employ Avaya Nortel CS1000 PBX 6.0 along with Contact Center Server 7.0 in all of its contact centers. USA800 leverages the latest in call center technology from Multimedia Servers, to SIP, to VOIP solutions.

Can you provide me with a toll free number for my campaign?

Yes. USA800 can assign one or multiple toll free numbers to our clients. USA800 has more than 15,000 toll free numbers in its inventory. Or our partner can transfer an existing toll free number into our facilities.

What workforce management solution do you utilize?

IEX TotalView Workforce Management Solution. This sophisticated solution integrates with the ACD information real time and build historical information that allows USA800 to project future staffing requirements in 15 minute increments.

What types of relationship e-mail services do you provide?

eBounce ("immediate touch" email); eBlast (one time personalized/traceable e-mails to a list); we provide support for client e-mail in Talisma (and other platforms as well).

Can USA800 emulate or integrate with my system?

Yes. For approximately 20% of USA800 partners, USA800 connects and emulates its partner’s database application. Either through a dedicated data circuit or a secure Internet VPN connection, USA800 has successfully interfaced with over 15 disparate partner systems.

In terms of integration, USA800's internal Contact Central platform has a back-end B2B Web Service engine (SOAP, XML, Web Services) that allows USA800 to integrate with client applications.

How secure is my data? Is USA800 PCI compliant?

Yes. USA800 is PCI Level I Service Provider compliant.

Can USA800 format my data in any specific way I want it?

USA800 has an advanced IT department capable of creating almost any format or layout required by the partner.

Can you send data real time?

Yes. USA800 can send data real time via e-mail, HTTP Post or XML.

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How do I find out about job opportunities in a specific location?

Visit the Career Center or call us toll free at 800.821.7539. Ask for Human Resources.

What are the opportunities for career development at USA800?

USA800 is committed to developing its employees and helping them advance their career. Within the customer advocate position, there are four levels in which to advance, not to mention many management positions including trainers, supervisors, etc. Many of USA800's key management positions are held by former customer advocates.

What benefits does USA800 offer its employees?

  • Competitive Hourly Rate
  • Monthly Incentive (Up to $ 1.05 per hour based on quality and attendance)
  • ESOP (Company stock valued at 38% of compensation over last 8 years)
  • 401k with 100% match
  • Paid Health Insurance
  • Paid vacation/sick time

What is the dress code at USA800?

USA800’s dress code is business casual.

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Our valued partner’s range from the Fortune 500, to high growth companies, to Government Agencies. Our commitment to our partner’s success is our number one priority.

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