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CRM Interface Development

Over the last six years, USA800 has developed an intuitive, integrated, web based CRM solution which can be rapidly deployed to meet diverse contact needs. Contact Central, USA800's CRM solution can integrate with or completely supplant your existing call center CRM system.  A core function within Contact Central provides us the ability to integrate data from multiple sources, such as your internal applications and databases, and centralize it into a single view for our customer advocates assigned to your program. USA800 leverages a unique B2B web services API integration layer that empowers USA800 programmers to easily integrate with third party systems.
  • Contact Central enables faster, easier access to information needed to successfully resolve customer contacts in less time, with a higher degree of confidence and accuracy which lowers cost per call through reduced average handle time, or AHT.

  • The intuitive, script driven, consistent delivery of information across clients allows for virtually no need for systems training. (Lower training costs)
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Data Entry
USA800 provides both data entry services and the ability to securely warehouse data on our partners’ behalf. Our data entry services offers the ability to collect data from a variety of online and offline channels and maintain that data in a centralized, secure data warehouse using  standardized data entry rules and processes.  Regardless of the data source, inbound call center contacts, web site inquiries, electronic files from business reply cards (BRCs), or internal inquiries, USA800 can handle the data collection, entry and management of your data in a secure, uniform and integrated database solution. As part of USA800's workflow and imaging solutions, USA800 is able to quickly create images of any paper-based work and quickly scan, store, and retrieve the image into a workflow system which integrates with USA800's contact queue (voice, e-mail, chat, off-line work).

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Interactive Reporting

USA800 offers a complete suite of real-time reporting that  provides accurate and timely information when and how you need it, so you can make smarter business decisions. Whether analyzing revenue demand, media source reporting, drill down data at interval or agent level, or contact dispositions. USA800 is a firm believer that data is knowledge, and knowledge is critical to the success of our partners and our ability to continually respond with actions through data analysis.

Partners can view call center reports via the web, or receive by e-mail, fax or mail.

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Workflow Solutions

As a total call center solutions provider, USA800 has recognized the need to leverage its strengths in people, process and technology not only with on-line transactions, but off-line transactions. As part of the Contact Central suite, USA800 has designed and integrated a workflow solutions module which allows for complex labor intensive off-line functions to be delivered to a customer advocate within a contact queue resulting in efficiencies and lower overall costs for our customers. As part of the workflow solution, USA800 delivers imaging solutions as well as integration services into third party systems to streamline and automate data gathering for off-line activity.

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Fulfillment Services
USA800 provides literature and product fulfillment services for more than 25 partners. We provide a full range of fulfillment services from customized letters to large volume bulk mail and product fulfillment. This single source solution management ensures the highest levels of quality and control. USA800 offers 24 hour turnaround for fulfillment services once the lead is received.

USA800's fulfillment center is located in Kansas City, Missouri and is fully integrated with USA800's corporate headquarters’ data center. The 35,000 square foot warehousing facility is capable of shipping 50,000 literature requests daily. The facilities include on-site climate controlled storage, fork lift, and dock for bulk receipt and delivery.

Fulfillment Based Services

  • Literature fulfillment
  • Personalized laser letter capabilities
  • Product fulfillment
  • Bulk shipments with CASS Certification (postal discounts)
  • Duplication checks and address verification
  • USPS, FedEx and UPS shipping options
  • Envelope laser printing with bar coding technology
  • High speed scanning and imaging solutions

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Smart Portal Solutions
With Smart Portal Solutions, our partners can manage any portion of their program online. We can customize portals to host any of a number of components. Smart Portal affords real-time, “hands-on” control and information access. 

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