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Sales Acquisition Call Center Outsourcing

As an industry leader in lead acquisition and direct response sales, USA800 has a proven track record of being able to close leads at a higher average conversion rate than other call centers, with an above average yield per conversion for our clients.

More than 70% of USA800's contacts are related to sales acquisition. Even in a customer care or technical services environment we capitalize on opportunities to upsell or cross-sell our partners’ products and services.

Inbound Sales

Our customer acquisition professionals are recruited and screened to possess a sales aptitude, and trained to handle virtually any type of inbound hard- or soft-sell sales call. Whether we’re processing catalog orders, selling communication services, taking credit card applications or any other product or service, we embody a sales performance-based culture. We are not your typical script-driven order taking call center, we embrace the natural dialogue and relationship skills necessary to turn every contact opportunity into a sale.

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Lead Generation and Qualification

Call center lead generation and qualification requires well-designed program stimuli and tactics, as well as strong agent lead qualification and closing skills. USA800 offers lead generation programs specifically targeted to your industry and offers 24/7 lead qualification, live call transfers, Internet chat, e-mail and more.

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Reservations and Appointment Setting

Appointment scheduling and confirmation, or accepting and processing reservations are sensible outsourcing opportunities for businesses looking to reduce labor-intensive functions and overhead. USA800 customer advocates will handle those calls with a positive, upbeat disposition that will leave your customers knowing they have made the right choice and looking forward to their upcoming appointment or reservation. We leverage our same soft sales skills training and sales skillset to allow us to consistently exceed our client expectations on conversions.

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Outbound contacts both phone and e-mail, when handled within the confines of privacy laws and regulations can be very effective vehicles for gathering customer information, bringing awareness to discounts or promotions, and serving as a proactive retention tool for valued customers.

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Sales Acquisition Call Center Outsourcing


"Sales experience, tailored training, and quality are keys to SunSetter's growth in the seasonal consumer products market.  We recently extended our agreement with USA800 to provide both sales and customer service support for SunSetter.  The primary reason to outsource to USA800 was that it allowed my staff to continue to focus on growing and improving our business while USA800 maintained the high service levels our customers expect."

Vice President of Customer Service
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Our valued partner’s range from the Fortune 500, to high growth companies, to Government Agencies. Our commitment to our partner’s success is our number one priority.

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