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Communications Call Center Outsourcing

Connect with USA800, the largest employee-owned US call center and a leading provider of communications call center services (wireless, cable, satellite, Internet). We do it all — lead generation, qualification, sales acquisition, consumer affairs, as well as customer care and retention programs. Our communications call center work includes:

  • Experience handling a diverse range of communications industries - wireless, cable, Internet, satellite
  • Outstanding results  from performance-based program management
  • Improved customer experience through a customized recruitment, screening, selection, training, on-boarding, and on-going management perspective
  • Innovative staffing and technology solutions that deliver a return on investment through lower cost per call and incremental topline revenue gains


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As a communications call center partner you can expect to:

  • Significantly reduce cost per call, grow average order value, improve conversion rates, and increase customer retention
  • Receive our commitment to be flexible and open to customization
  • Provide rapid launch capabilities and willingness to initiate pilot tests
  • Trust USA800 to handle your direct response inquiries and maximize the value of each call through a rigorous performance management approach
  • Provide multi-channel accessibility: phone, e-mail, IVR, web and live chat
  • Have access to vast reporting capabilities designed for consumer products call centers


Communications Call Center Outsourcing Solutions
“As we throw different challenges out, they take those on. In most cases they have succeeded. If they haven't succeeded, then they have gone back and retooled and made the changes that were needed. They invest the time needed to manage our program and involve senior management in solutions development. They are outstanding to work with.”

Operations Manager
Cricket Wireless

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Our valued partner’s range from the Fortune 500, to high growth companies, to Government Agencies. Our commitment to our partner’s success is our number one priority.

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