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Our Strength Lies With Our Owners

Employee-Owned Outsource Call Center

USA800 is the largest 100% employee-owned call center in North America.

For partners who trust their customer communications with USA800, employee-ownership fuels the desire and commitment of our customer advocates to consistently provide a “delightful” brand building customer experience, delivering bottom-line results.
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  • Employee-owners are more motivated and have a vested interest in our partners' success.
  • Employee-owners deliver a higher quality customer experience.
  • Employee-ownership represents 35% of total compensation and allows front line customer advocates to make a career at USA800 – USA800 agent turnover rate is the lowest in the industry.

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Our customer advocates know the level of professionalism, respect, caring, and effort placed into each customer experience will deliver value to our customer, our company, and in turn our employee-owners.


Act like an owner, think like a customer is not only our operational motto, but the lifeblood of the organization. From the agent recruitment and screening process, to the first day of training, to the daily execution of service delivery, our employee-owners are taught to think like customers and act like owners. What this means for our partners is a more engaged and committed customer advocate that sees part of the bigger picture.

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Employee Owned Outsource Call Center BPO
"As an employee-owner of USA800, I feel a personal responsibility to provide excellent service on EVERY call. I know if I do my job my personal stake in the company will continue to grow. I feel like a valuable member of the USA800 team and my teammates care about me."
Peggy West
Customer Advocate


Our valued partner’s range from the Fortune 500, to high growth companies, to Government Agencies. Our commitment to our partner’s success is our number one priority.

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Employee Owned Call Center


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