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Harnessing Knowledge From A Methodical, Proven Approach

Experienced Outsource Call Center

The collective experience, knowledge, and competency, gained over our 35+ year history, translates into call center solutions that deliver the best possible customer experience.

When partners entrust a part of their business and their reputation to us by outsourcing call center services, we don’t take it lightly.  We understand they expect us to be knowledgeable and highly skilled in what we have committed to deliver. USA800 is committed to attracting and retaining key talent from diverse call center backgrounds, creating a competitive environment based on teamwork and innovation, and instilling a customer-centric focus amongst its employee-owners.

Inbound Sales Experience and Customer Service

The way we harness, manage, and direct our experience permeates our entire organization and is firmly rooted in our core culture and behavior as a company.  Our ability to capitalize on our knowledge is fundamental to how we:

  • Relate and align our work with the business of our partner
  • Service and delight customers with each and every contact
  • Invest and equip the organization with innovative technology solutions
  • Measure and manage program performance goals and objectives


Read our Knowledge Fact Sheet and see how our experience has proven many times over that:


Visit our case studies section to learn how we’ve delivered results for partners in the fields of online retail call centers, catalog order outsourcing, healthcare call centers, and many others.

Inbound Call Center Experience
"J.Jill's successful 6-year partnership with USA800 has allowed us to successfully manage hourly service levels, reduce customer hold time, provide 24x7x365 coverage, and reduce labor costs. The USA800 team has enthusiastically demonstrated a willingness to meet or exceed J.Jill's expectations. It is vital that our customer always receives the consistent, exceptional service she looks forward to when calling to place an order with J.Jill. Through consistent, timely communication and training, callers shopping with a USA800 representative receive the same great service they anticipate and expect from a J.Jill representative."

Vice President of Customer Service
The J.Jill Group


Our valued partner’s range from the Fortune 500, to high growth companies, to Government Agencies. Our commitment to our partner’s success is our number one priority.

USA800 Call Center Clients


Employee Owned Call Center


Visit our call center resource library to learn more about USA800, the industry, and most importantly, how you can improve your customer experience.