USA800 Community Responsibility
Respect, awareness, and community involvement drive highly skilled talent to our Contact Centers

As USA800 continues to succeed, we recognize the importance of giving back to the communities we serve. We do this in a number of ways:

  • USA800 is dedicated to participating in local charity events and organizations that support the needs of the families in each of the communities where our employees live and work.
  • USA800 was proudly recognized as a Platinum Donor for the Second Harvest Community Food Bank in St. Joseph, Missouri. USA800 contributes to the Alzheimer’s Association.
  • We conduct annual charity events targeted at raising funds for specific organizations.
  • Our annual golf tournament raised $15,000 for Children’s Mercy Hospital located in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Our employees actively participate on their own in giving to local charities and national campaigns such as the United Way.

While we are proud of our charitable contributions and look forward to continuing our support, we are particularly proud of our partnership with local communities where we have successfully created jobs and presented the opportunity to help revive the community. Local communities that have been hurt in the past due to economic downturn, benefit through the entry and/or expansion of USA800 as a result of job creation.

USA800 Cares and Shares Program

Our charitable giving is also focused on internal programs where our own employees are the primary benefactors. Our Cares and Shares Program is an employee support program designed and funded specifically to provide financial aid to USA800 employees that are in need of assistance for common life issues (healthcare bills, utility bill supplements, death in family, etc.). The employees fund the program voluntarily and the company matches those contributions.

Integrate Social Media Into Your Call Center

Oh, the ubiquitous social media. We all know it needs to be incorporated into sales and service functions and the justification for doing so couldn’t be more clear, it’s the how that makes it a tricky task.

Our white paper, Integrating Social Media in Contact Center to Deliver ROI, simplifies the implementation of social media as part of the call center function by breaking it down into three proverbial legs of the stool —people, process and technology.


USA800 Cares and Shares Program

For more than 35 years, USA800 has served the customer service needs of public and private sector clients. USA800 focuses on success while giving something back to the local communities and employees in which it serves.

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“As our company grows, I believe that we have an increasing responsibility to give back to our community. Everyone has a vested interest in making our partners successful. Part of our culture and part of that success includes giving back to our community”

JR Metzen
Vice President of Contact Centers