Innovation & Technology in the Contact Center
Technology, the great enabler of efficient and effective contact center performance

Perhaps no single factor builds competitive advantage more than innovation. We build and customize call center solutions to meet the needs of our partners rather than making partners fit our systems. This is a key strength of our contact center services.

Using technology innovation to your advantage is not a new idea, what makes the difference is our focus placed solely on the contact center. Most businesses need to spread innovation (and resources) across multiple departments, our business is the call center and employee working in them. Our priority for leveraging the latest technologies is improving the call center so when you outsource, you know you’re getting the best agents armed with industry-leading technology.

Innovative call center solutions, reporting and workforce management

We invest heavily in creating tools for empowering customer advocates so they become more efficient and effective. USA800 staffs a team of .NET developers who are dedicated to developing innovative solutions, which allow customer advocates to be more effective and solve our partners’ issues, allowing for more streamlined processes. We continually develop highly flexible software suites, including USA800’s Contact Central, an integrated multi-channel web-based CRM desktop application; and several very sophisticated reporting packages, ROInsight Reporting Portal. Read our Innovation Fact Sheet, for an overview of our technology products and tools.


USA800 leverages Interactive Intelligence (now part of Genesys) as its enterprise Interaction Management Solution. As the backbone of USA800s Contact Center offering, USA800 selected Interactive Intelligence to keep the company among the most innovative and efficient in the call center industry.

  • Scalable platform with ability to scale to 5,000+ users
  • An integrated platform which supports ACD, PBX, Quality Management, WFM, IVR and Messaging, Speech Analytics in one platform leveraging one database (Improve reporting and system complexity)
  • SIP based architecture
  • Local and Geo-Redundant System Architecture allowing for resiliency and seamless failover between redundant systems/centers
  • True Omni-Channel Offering – (voice, chat, e-mail, social media, etc.)
  • Enhanced Data Reporting leveraged through a single database architecture –true end to end call detail reporting
  • Enhanced features and functionality for both our internal and external users
  • Ease of use of system allowing for rapid deployment of client applications
  • CTI desktop functionality which allows for consistent and rapid deployment of desktop solutions integrated into our IMP platform

Contact Central Contact Center TechnologyAn intuitive, unified, modern, multi-channel desktop solution is a critical element to delivering world class customer experiences at a reasonable cost. Whether extending our clients desktop solutions to our infrastructure, or developing a custom desktop solution though USA800s Contact Central CRM solution, or a hybrid solution, USA800 delivers solutions which allow for success in achieving program KPI’s. An inefficient desktop solution can handcuff effective service delivery.

Desktop custom integration is a real strength of USA800’s core CRM solution offering, Contact Central. USA800 philosophically believes that a single, intuitive user interface we refer to as launch pad, is key to providing efficient service (lower AHT and costs), as well as a superior customer experience (effectiveness of information availability one click away). Therefore, a major key to USA800’s success and growth has been its technical expertise to integrate multiple partner applications into a single desktop solution. There are several different and varying degrees of integration that USA800 employs for its partners:

  • Full integration of process flow, CRM and eCommerce activity within USA800’s Contact Central application. This process involves heavy database and systems integration on a real time basis. USA800 has deployed this solution with such clients as Yankee Candle, Mark Shale, Boston Apparel Group and Hickory Farms. Across the board the full deployment has resulted in lower AHT and lower training time
  • Partial integration involves USA800 leveraging Contact Central as a the CTI interface with some level of data integration, driving the process flow through scripting and logical branching, leveraging the on-line knowledge base, the workflow process, and the contact disposition. Where the agent needs to access client systems, USA800’s Contact Central system would act as a launch pad into the client’s applications. Even with this level of integration, USA800 can create a single user sign on system. Over 20 USA800 partners utilize partial integration.
  • Most other USA800 partners rely 100% on USA800’s Contact Central solution to manage the contacts, as well as the CRM activity and associated workflow.

ROI insight contact center technologyUSA800 has developed the most comprehensive data analytics and reporting platform in the Contact Center BPO industry. ROInsight Business Intelligence Portal allows our clients web based access to both real time and historical reporting and data analytics in a timely, accurate, and relevant fashion. USA800s data warehouse design and solution allows quick slicing and dicing of multi-faceted database information from multi-channel ACD type data, to quality data, to WFM data, to CRM and or demand data, USA800 is able to provide our internal teams and our partners with nuggets of relevant information to take action and enhance program performance.

When it comes to protecting partners’ data and protecting against service interruptions, we place the highest emphasis on security,. USA800 has completed the rigorous process of becoming PCI Level 1 Service Provider certified and GLBA certified by a third party QSA, as well as HIPAA compliant. All facilities operate under the strictest security access, surveillance systems, and processes.

Operating 24 x 7 x 365, it is imperative that our contact centers are operational at all times to service our customers. USA800 takes this commitment seriously through significant investments in modern technology design, redundant data networks and servers, and power protections.

  • Redundant SIP/IP networks with AT&T and Windstream with sophisticated, enterprise grade network design to allow for automatic voice/data failover
  • Redundant VM Ware Server solutions and 10GIG network operating out of two PCI compliant data centers ensures 99.99% up time and a responsive network for demanding network needs
  • Leverage AT&Ts Route IT platform, Advanced Features, SIP Toll Free service, and Windstream data network to allow for the ultimate in redundant voice traffic and flexibility

Technology – A Main Ingredient for Positive Results in Contact Center Outsourcing

Call Center Technology GrowthAlong with the expense of recruiting, training and managing the people within an in-house call center, keeping up with technology can also chew away at your company’s bottom line.

Top-notch call center professionals need the best technology to deliver on the promise of good ROI. Yet another reason to think about outsourcing the call center function at a fast-growing business.

New technology Infrastructure

USA800 announced a $3.5 million technology infrastructure upgrade that promises to keep the company among the most innovative and efficient in the call center industry.

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