Customer Care Solutions
Commitment to customer loyalty through empathetic and empowered customer advocates

Never forget, your best customers are another company’s best prospects. USA800 focuses on more than simply answering calls, we work to retain and strengthen relationships with your best customers.

Our customer care contact centers offer a wide variety of channel options and self-service solutions, as well as 24/7 live call center support. Our call center solutions deliver strong ROI for our partners though innovative program design, call avoidance strategies, a rigorous focus on first call resolution and customer satisfaction. Ultimately, USA800 delivers an exceptional customer experience, which creates brand loyalty for our partners.

Customer care and retention through outsourcing

Each contact is an opportunity to create loyalty, even when the customer is upset. We make every contact count by recruiting and hiring empathetic, customer-centric advocates; empowering them with tools, training, technology and coaching to continuously improve. We set the standard for call center quality assurance. We make every contact count with courteous communication and active listening to create connections.

Delivering the Promise and Value Through Outsourcing

A big decision like taking your company’s customer service function and sending it out the door obviously requires careful consideration. The chances of your customers sticking around depend on the response you give when they have an issue or when they want more.

Take a look at how you can accurately assess the ROI of outsourcing a call center.


Quality Outsourced Service

Facing pressures from a churning contact center, a leading women’s catalog business outsourced their sales and service when they noticed a sharp decline in quality. Beyond service quality, an outdated CRM system was exposed and fixed to boost upsell performance. Outsourcing gave this business a skilled partner and a fresh perspective.

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Client Testimonial

“Over the past 3 years, USA800 has been an important partner as we strive to offer greater value to our customers. We are looking forward to working with them to deliver the best customer experience possible.”

Chief Executive Officer
Gift Basket Retailer