Multi-Channel Customer Center
Omni-channel contact center outsourcing, when and where your customers need you

USA800 integrates phone, web, e-mail, and wireless technologies into one seamless customer experience which enhances the connection to your brand. As a complete solutions provider, USA800 offers a full complement of high tech and high touch channel options for your customers and prospects based on how and when they want to conduct business.

Web and Live Chat Services

USA800 provides web and live chat for both sales and service types of inquiries, including technical support. We provide live chat services to our partners using cutting-edge technology and highly skilled agents who are experienced in the communication nuances of a “chat experience”. Live chat support services include proactive engagement and reactive chat offerings via your web site.

Email Management

USA800 leverages the latest in e-mail management technology and integrates with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) queues to allow maximum utilization of resources. A rules based engine allows configuration and oversight for routing incoming e-mails. This way they may be treated with the same contextual routing that is used for inbound voice calls. Rules and functionality are also set to define auto-response versus customer advocate handling of an e-mail response.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Our Interactive Voice Response Solutions are not intended to replace our live advocates; rather they are an integral component of an innovative multi-channel strategy. We view IVR as a cost effective solution for handling quick transactions that may be completed without having to navigate through a complex set of IVR options. We also see the use of outbound proactive IVR as a significant opportunity to reduce costs by eliminating the need for the customer to call in. We can proactively reach out to the customer with information that we know will eliminate the need for customer to call. For example, providing notification that an order has shipped or a payment has been received. In doing so, not only are we deflecting calls and reducing costs, we are increasing customer satisfaction by knowing ahead of time what is needed; and delivering on that need.

Social Media Response

We recognize the importance of integrating social media channels into our partner programs. As more of our partners are outsourcing social media customer service functions, we continue to meet their needs with state-of-the-art solutions. USA800 provides support for capturing mentions in the social media realm and providing valuable summary information on social media chatter. We assist in managing negative mentions in a timely manner with experienced and empowered social media advocates. As a result, USA800 helps its partners manage their brand perception within the social media community.

Data Entry

USA800 provides both data entry services and the ability to securely warehouse data on our partners’ behalf. Our data entry services offer the ability to collect data from a variety of online and offline channels and maintain that data in a centralized, secure data warehouse using standardized data entry rules and processes. Regardless of the data source, such as inbound call center contacts, web site inquiries, electronic files from business reply cards (BRCs), or internal inquiries, USA800 can handle the collection, entry and management of your data in a secure PCI compliant, uniform and integrated database solution.

Workflow Solutions

USA800 provides a workflow solution designed to deliver maximum efficiency to labor intensive offline data collection and retrieval processes. Leveraging our process engineering experience and technology development capabilities, our workflow solution integrates document imaging services, used to create and store electronic images of off-line paper-based work, with our web based Contact Central Solution. This enables a highly efficient means to deliver off-line information to our customer advocates at the moment, and within the channel the information is needed.

Integrate Social Media Into Your Call Center

Oh, the ubiquitous social media. We all know it needs to be incorporated into sales and service functions and the justification for doing so couldn’t be more clear, it’s the “how” that makes it a tricky task.

Our white paper, Integrating Social Media in Contact Center to Deliver ROI, simplifies the implementation of social media as part of the call center function by breaking it down into three proverbial legs of the stool — people, process and technology.


Dynamic, Multi-Channel Solutions Case Study

Stagnant sales can be a similar situation if your products aren’t available where those hungry little fish live. You need to add another sales channel, staffed with people who know how to land those lunkers.

Learn how USA800 boosted sales for a growing wireless provider by 230 percent by adding two new direct sales channels and supplying sales-oriented agents on the program in our Case Study.

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Client Testimonial

“USA800’s team has made working on the New York City Public School’s account a complete delight. Not only are they professional and reliable, but they were the key to making this integrated campaign a success.”

Interactive Media Analyst