Technical Support
We recruit and train Technical Support Specialists who have the technical skills to succeed and a commitment to customer relationships

Outsourcing your technical support just makes sense.

USA800 has been providing technical support solutions for various industries for the past 15 years. We consider technical support as an opportunity to increase customer loyalty and NPS by resolving issues quickly and empathetically.

First call resolution (FCR) is an intense focus, which translates into a happy customer and lower overall costs.We recruit and hire people with specific skill sets and personal characteristics, such as empathy and professionalism, which match the needs of the program and the partner. We provide initial and on-going training and coaching that fuels customer advocate knowledge and confidence, which is a key driver of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

By leveraging your systems or our state of the art ticketing systems or a hybrid of both, we provide our partners with closed loop platform that leaves no customer behind. Whether leveraging an IVR, Voice, Chat, E-Mail, or Social Media, USA800 can be your partner to ensure your valuable customer needs are met on the first contact.

Technology: An Important Ingredient for Positive Results

Technology is an often overlooked contact center value component. This paper takes a look at the ‘state of the industry’ and a comparison of outsourcers versus in-house centers related to technology.


Delivering the Promise and Value Through Outsourcing

A big decision like taking your company’s customer service function and sending it out the door obviously requires careful consideration. The chances of your customers sticking around depend on the response you give when they have an issue or when they want more.

Take a look at how you can accurately assess the ROI of outsourcing a call center.


Client Testimonial

“Excellent technical support for our software is crucial for our customers and our brand. We needed a contact center that could not only speak at our clients’ level, but could help them troubleshoot issues quickly and with authority. We also needed our partner to create an effective process for managing cases as well as general customer service. USA800 answered all of these challenges and has helped our clients regain confidence back in our brand”

VP of Customer Service
Software Support