Contact center vendors come in all shapes and sizes. They vary in terms of location, industry focus, and technical capabilities. Some are better at sales. Others specialize in outbound calls. But one thing they should all have in common is an unrelenting commitment to the clients who outsource their operations to them.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes vendors are inconsistent with how they treat their clients, prioritizing some above others. Maybe it’s the bigger clients who get more of their attention, or the ones with a higher per minute rate. Smart vendors know which clients are the most profitable. And smart vendors also make sure all of their clients receive the appropriate amount of attention, regardless of profitability. But not all vendors operate this way.

There are certain patterns of behavior that may indicate that your business is not a priority for a vendor. Note that I said pattern of behavior. It’s important to distinguish between a pattern and a one-off mistake, which vendors make from time to time.

If your outsourcer repeatedly exhibits some of the following behaviors, it might indicate that you are a lower priority to them:

Decrease in transparency. You know mistakes are being made because you see it in your stats. Maybe your abandon rates were miserably high for several hours in a row or there were, strangely, no calls offered right after your TV ad ran. When questioned, your vendor ducks the real question and blows smoke, instead. Smoke, meet fire.

Declining proactiveness. When you first went live with this vendor, they were on it, feeding you stats, letting you know about issues and actively planning with you. Now, not so much. You have to remind them to provide you with staffing plans. Or maybe they dropped the ball on letting you know about a critical technology change and now you have to make emergency modifications to your systems. The thrill is gone. The honeymoon is over.

Steadily degrading performance. Are your service levels steadily getting worse? How about conversion rates? When key stats consistently get worse, it could be an indication that your outsourcer has taken their eye off the ball. Maybe other clients are distracting them from your business. And when you complain to them, does performance get better and stay that way or does it begin to slide again?

Competent contact center vendors are capable of effectively serving many different clients at once. They do this by having the right people, processes and technology in place and by having solid standards regarding things like forecasting, change management and client communications. Do you have one of these vendors or the kind that might eventually de-prioritize you?

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