eCommerce and Retail Call Center Services
USA800 is a market share leader in Retail/eCommerce Contact Center Support

Our partners count on USA800 for superior eCommerce and Retail call center services. With vast experience in operating catalog and online retail call centers, we support both the sales and service needs of our customers.

Our eCommerce/Retail call centers deliver outstanding results through performance-based program management and the ability to accommodate call volume fluctuations through innovative staffing strategies. USA800 also provides support to in-house, captive call centers though after hours, weekend, as well as seasonal support.

Customer care, customer service and technical support outsourcing

When outsourcing sales support and customer service to USA800, you can expect:

  • Reduced costs though a variable cost structure and efficient utilization of resources as well as increased average order value and conversion through a performance based sales culture
  • Our commitment to flexibility and program customization
  • Empowered, committed customer advocates who make decisions quickly and in the best interest of our partners
  • Contact Central, USA 800’s web-based CRM/OMS, which allows for a unified, intuitive interface resulting in reduced training time and more efficient call handling
  • 24×7 command center oversight of service levels across call centers including real-time decisions to adjust skill sets or resources if needed
  • Access to robust reporting capabilities specifically designed for catalog and online retail call centers
  • Multi-Channel support for your eCommerce sites with chat, e-mail, and social media support
  • Lower costs with call avoidance strategies (IVR, self-service, live chat), as well as focus on lowering average handling time through our Contact Central interface

Optimizing Sales Performance in a Contact Center Environment

This white paper provides insight into how the contact center, when properly optimized, can exceed sales while delivering an exceptional customer experience.Download

Retail, eCommerce Contact Center Outsourcing Success Story

Facing pressures from a churning contact center, a leading retail, eCommerce business outsourced their sales and service when they noticed a sharp decline in quality.Beyond service quality, an outdated CRM system was exposed and fixed to boost upsell performance. Outsourcing gave this business a skilled partner and a fresh perspective.Learn More

Client Testimonial

“Our successful 6-year partnership with USA800 has allowed us to successfully manage hourly service levels, reduce customer hold time, provide 24x7x365 coverage, and reduce labor costs. The USA800 team has enthusiastically demonstrated a willingness to meet or exceed our expectations. It is vital that our customer always receives the consistent, exceptional service she looks forward to when calling to place an order with us. Through consistent, timely communication and training, callers shopping with a USA800 representative receive the same great service they anticipate and expect from our internal representative.”

VP of Customer Service
Retail/On-line Retail