Compliant, Government Outsourcing Solutions
USA800s experience, scale, and custom solutions deliver value to City, State and Federal Agencies

USA800, Inc. brings together the core strategic capabilities of a contact center, multi-contact management and performance management to maximize ROI for your agency. We are the leading provider of integrated Call Center Outsourcing solutions to the Government.

Experience across City, State, and Federal Government agencies including social or human services, travel, parks & recreation, economic development, military, employment, family services and administrative agencies. Our flexibility to overcome challenging budgetary requirements and reduce costs through innovative staffing and technology solutions sets us apart.

As a government call center partner, you can expect to:

  • Leverage our citizen advocates, who are fully prepared through rigorous training, planning and committed employees
  • Rely on USA800 to develop budget friendly and innovative solutions
  • Trust empowered USA800 citizen advocates to make decisions quickly and address concerns on a timely basis
  • Take advantage of leading edge technology platforms that ensure access to data, systems and optimized reporting
  • Capitalize on USA800’s multi-channel capability through phone, e-mail, IVR, web, social media and live chat
  • Leverage our vast government call center experience to establish realistic goals and measure success
  • Use USA800’s workflow and imaging solutions to streamline offline work resulting in significant efficiencies, data accuracy and cost savings

Relevant government services

USA800 provides customer care, eligibility determination, technical support, as well as off-line and workflow solutions for over a dozen State Agencies, as well as Federal Agencies.

USA800 is SAM registered, CAGE Code: 1PJN3, and provides service within the following NAICS Codes: 571919, 518210, 519190, 541512, 541613, 541910, 561421, 561422 and 561499. USA800’s DUN’s number is 082137878.

USA800 Core Differentiators

  • Midwest locations – Neutral dialect, great work ethic
  • Financial stability – No debt, cost-effective solutions
  • Award winning – Proven success
  • Brand Customizable – We create unique solutions for your program
  • Technology Innovation – Customized reporting and integration
  • Rigorous Approach to Security – PCI Level 1 Certified, HIPAA compliant, GLBA Certified, GSA schedules
  • Company Size – 2,100+ employees, 1,600+ workstations

100% US Based

On a daily basis, USA800 processes more than 50,000 contacts, across industries and government entities in the areas of human services, transportation, revenue, labor and travel & tourism.

Inbound Sales Case Study

With growth plans coming to fruition, acquisitions on the horizon and customers picking up what your company is laying down, you may have noticed that the business is bigger than it used to be. Clearly the situation is positive, but it also calls for many adjustments.

At the top of that growth list should be handling the increased volume of customer interaction. This volume can jump up in a hurry, which doesn’t give the business much time to ramp up a larger contact center.

Expanding your capacity happens quickly and effectively when you outsource.

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Client Testimonial

“Outsourcing our inquiries, fulfillment and reservations through USA800 has assured us that our customers are receiving our information in an efficient and timely matter, which has resulted in our staff being able to better focus on the promotion of our destination. The increased distribution, marketing partnerships, and visitor tracking have helped us target and attract more visitors to our Area.”

CEO, Convention and Visitors Bureau
Tourism & Hospitality