Non-profit Call Center Outsourcing
Protecting your valuable donor relationship is our commitment

As a leading provider of non-profit call center services, our experience in serving the non-profit industry is a source of pride to our employees. Our customer advocates relish the opportunity to serve those who serve others.

The non-profit sector needs strong support from the contact center and they can’t afford to waste any resources. This is where the flexibility and efficiency of USA800’s capability is on full display. We deploy industry-leading technology in the hands of the best customer advocates specifically recruited, trained and motivated to grow your non-profit business. Everyone works to continuously improve the good works done by your non-profit and deliver critical ROI.

As a non-profit call center partner with USA800, you can expect to:

  • Maximize every donor through motivated and skilled employees
  • Retain and grow existing donors using analytics to improve messaging and customer segmentation
  • Significantly reduce cost per transaction by providing technologically advanced system integration and customer advocate support tools
  • Receive our commitment to be flexible and open to customization
  • Use multi-channel accessibility: phone, e-mail, IVR, web, social media and live chat
  • Have access to vast reporting capabilities designed for non-profit call centers

Social Media Call Center Integration

Non-profit Call Center OutsourcingThis paper provides valuable information on the impact social media has had and what it means to the contact center as another channel of communication.


Quality and Satisfaction Case Study

Non-profit Call Center Outsourcing Case StudyA non-profit organization was outsourcing the call center support of two of its business lines (Membership and Children’s Publications) to two different vendors. They wanted to consolidate the operations to one “best of breed” call center.

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Client Testimonial

“We have been pleased with the efficiency and quickness of the phone calls, and still showing nice customer service, taking care of our callers.”

Media Director
Religious Organization