Communications Call Center Outsourcing
Answering the call for our partners in communications

Connect with USA800, a leading provider of communications call center services (wireless, cable, satellite, Internet). We do it all — lead generation, qualification, sales acquisition, customer care, as well as retention and technical support programs.

Our expertise stretches across the communications industry including wireless, cable, internet and satellite services. We understand what customers want and our agents stand ready to capitalize on opportunities for increasing sales or quickly resolving issues. Our agents are recruited and placed based on their abilities for assisting the communications industry and they are equipped with the best technologies to get the job done fast.

As a communications call center partner you can expect:

  • Sales acquisition programs focused on improving sales results through our employee-centric culture, sales process rigor, and performance sales culture
  • Customer care and technical support programs which help lower overall costs through focus on efficiency (AHT) and FCR, as well as improving customer loyalty through higher CSAT and NPS scores
  • Our commitment to flexibility and customization
  • Rapid launch capabilities and willingness to initiate pilot tests
  • USA800 has vast experience handling your direct response inquiries
  • Multi-channel accessibility: phone, e-mail, IVR, web, social media and live chat

Optimizing Sales Performance in a Contact Center Environment

This white paper provides insight into how the contact center, when properly optimized, can exceed sales while delivering an exceptional customer experience.


New Sales Channel Case Study

One of the fastest growing wireless providers was seeking to increase sales via the addition of new sales channels to augment their direct sales channel. They wanted also to move to a variable cost structure and find a supplier that could provide them with innovative ideas on how to leverage alternative sales channels to increase sales and deliver a higher ROI.

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Client Testimonial

“As we throw different challenges out, they take those on. In most cases they have succeeded. If they haven’t succeeded, then they have gone back and retooled and made the changes that were needed. They invest the time needed to manage our program and involve senior management in solutions development. They are outstanding to work with.”

Chief Marketing Officer
Mobile Device Provider