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Our whitepapers explore and take advantage of our in-depth, unbiased insight into the call center industry. Any business contemplating outsourcing contact center functions will benefit from knowing more about the industry and we share these resources freely. We work every day to continuously improve our service offerings and our employees are encouraged to become experts in their respective field.


Selecting a Contact Center

Forging a True Partnership with a Contact Center Vendor
by Michelle Melland, Freelance Writer and Former VP, Client Services
Taking time to review the customer service needs of your business will help you find the best contact center before you make the leap.

Contact Center Whitepaper Forging Partnerships


Call Center White Papers

ROI Value of Call Center Outsourcing

Delivering the Promise and Value Through Outsourcing
by Tom Davis, CEO, USA800
Explore the pivotal components required to deliver ROI through outsourcing and how to ensure accurate measurement to deliver ROI.


Contact Center Sales Optimization

Optimizing Sales Performance in a Contact Center Environment
by Dan Quigley, CFO, USA800
Grab some insight into how the contact center, when properly optimized, can exceed sales while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Call Center White Papers


Call Center White Papers

Contact Center Technology

Technology — An Important Ingredient for Positive Results in Contact Center Outsourcing
by Tom Davis, CEO, USA800
Technology is an often overlooked contact center value component. This paper takes a look at the ‘state of the industry’ and a comparison of outsourcers versus in-house centers related to technology.


Social Media Call Center Integration

Integrating Social Media in the Contact Center to Deliver ROI
by Tom Davis, CEO, USA800
Understand the impact social media has on contact centers as another channel of communication.

Call Center White Papers


Call Center White Papers

Customer Contact Channel Optimization

Increasing Revenue through Direct Channels without Cannibalizing Retail Channels
by Christine Wright, CEO, Customer Contact Insights
In a tough economy there are no ‘sacred’ channels. This paper discusses processes for re-evaluating channel strategies regularly with a successful case study by USA800.