Customer complaints are something that you simply can’t avoid no matter how you try. The best product and the best customer service won’t keep you from getting complaints. They are inevitable. However, how you resolve those complaints is essential. Handing them the right way the first time is really the only way to help ensure you’ll retain that customer.

  • Customer complaints that aren’t resolved the first time tend to make customers angry — so angry that they’ll often choose not to work with you again. That means losing a customer for life and likely gaining a bad reputation at the same time.
  • Complaints that aren’t resolved often result in product returns or order cancellations. That means less business for you and potential problems with your vendors if you need to return products.
  • Hire a call center to help handle customer complaints in a timely fashion. They’re well trained on how to handle customers who have had a bad experience with your company, even if it isn’t totally your company’s fault.

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